What I’ve been up to in 2019

This is a brief note to tell you all what I have been up to in 2019. For starters I’ve started a weekend call in show (and podcast) called Anarchy Bang that introduces a new kind of conversation into the anarchist mix. We have just finished episode nine and so far it has been a success.

This past month we have finally released my collection of interviews and writing about the intersection between anarchism and indigeneity. The Fight for Turtle Island is available now.

If you’d like more information you could do worse than the third The Brilliant podcast of 2019. Episode 93 is an interview about the book and discussion of the themes. You might also be interested in Episode 92 which is a book review / discussion about the AK Press / IAS book Joyful Militancy. Episode 91 is a discussion with Bellamy on Corrosive Consciousness and the drama and misdirection around it by The Anarcho-Primitivists.

Coming up are a few new titles from LBC this year (Novatore, The Anvil, and some interview titles), a brand new Black Seed (April-May timeframe), and other projects as they develop.

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