Now that I’m gone here is where I am

I am typing this slowly. Perhaps that says most of what needs to be said. I am ok. My right hand is working but just takes a little more attention. A little more time. My head is clear and hesitant.

This week I suffered my second cerebral aneurysm. It happened while I was sleeping (I think) just like the first time. The main symptoms include a very weak right hand with a significant loss in motor function and a slurring of speech. Both are hard to live with but the terror is surprisingly under control. The first time was horror. The idea of a loss of everything I am, of the ways I am in the world, was too much to bear.

But if I have learned anything in this life it is that I will bear.

2 thoughts on “Now that I’m gone here is where I am”

  1. Aragorn! I didn’t know about this. I am so sorry to hear! I don’t know what else to say except that I wish there were something I could do to help and I’m not sure how. I send you love and wishes for healing. Take care as best you can. There are some herbs and dietary/nutrition specific to stroke recovery and prevention–I’ll put a couple links here. Vitamin B is important for repairing blood cells. If you don’t take a vitamin B supplement I’d highly recommend it. I take one for depression and it seems to help. (just an example but you can also search for more) xx -O

  2. Hiya Aragorn, Let me know if there’s anything to be done from Brooklyn. Abrazos, Jim

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