On the seventh day of anarchy…

The bulk of the socializing, selling, talking, and this-and-that is over. All that is left is a dinner and the last Anarchist Study Group. Before we finish up I’ll share with you some of my impressions of the past 7+ days and give some shout outs to people & projects I am happy about.

Obviously for me the two big projects for this week were the brand new issue of The Anvil (here is the editorial) and our brand new book Enemies of Society. We gave out over 500 copies of The Anvil over the course of Saturday alone (!!!) + sold enough copies of Enemies that I am not freaking out today. Whew…

Here are other notes from the 8 days of anarchy

  • Mental illness is serious business. We see shattered people all around us and I think it is evident that each and every one of them could be part of an amazing, vibrant, quilt-like world. Instead we live in a ticking terrifying landscape where we anticipate explosion and pain.
  • Attempting to have a conversation with 30+ people is ridiculous… and I love trying.
  • Bob is better when he drinks less
  • This movie wasn’t incredible but good for an introduction to the SI
  • This movie is now officially among my three most favorite SF movies ever (including Robocop and Starship Troopers)
  • Voyer didn’t stop writing… and his shit is very powerful
  • Techs deal with cognitive dissonance by filtering out any input they refuse to process
  • Station 40 is a monster
  • Logistics are a pain in the ass
  • Americans know how to shop
  • I really really really look forward to carrying manyCharles H Kerr and Black Swan
  • Occupied London are really nice and, while less showy than our other Greek friends, give good presentation
  • Drunk entitled POC’s are just about the worst people to have in a workshop
  • PNW participants in the anti-police activity are the best trolls EVAR!
  • My house is way to small for 50 plus people… which means there should have been 80!
  • Lorraine is a good one. Shocking but true!

If you live in the Southwest I will be near you soon.

Tucson AZ: April 14th & 15th
Phoenix AZ: April 16th – 18th
Austin TX: April 19th – 22nd
Houston TX: April 22nd – 24th
St Louis MO: April 25th – 26th
Milwaukee WI: April 27th

I hope to see you there!